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Why Divorce and Communication Coaching?

As individuals, we constantly grow and change, which means our relationships do, too. Compliant children become combative teens. The excitement of a new love meets the mundane question of who’s going to do the household chores. Older parents become the ones in need of support. Spouses grow apart and marriages dissolve.

Using a focus-forward approach, Melissa Westerman will treat you with respect, empathy, and kindness as you work to reset your relationship.

Melissa can help you:

  • Neutralize and recover from crisis moments

  • Determine if therapeutic counseling would benefit you and/or your child/children/spouse

  • Act as a mediator

  • Help identify and change destructive communication patterns

  • Provide you with concrete tools to establish positive and healthy communication patterns

  • Defuse tension

  • Help you to really HEAR each other and get your needs met

  • Work with you to grow together with mutual respect

  • Discover helpful reading materials and resources

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