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Hi. I'm Melissa Westerman.

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I’m a masters-level mental-health professional with certifications in mediation and divorce coaching. It is my mission to help you move past conflict and crisis with communication strategies that will guide and support you through whatever family difficulties
you may be facing.
Some of my strengths include being a good listener, providing validation and support, having great organizational skills, and bringing a sense of humor and honesty to my interactions. I am dedicated to helping others create better lives, and you can count on me to help you define and keep you focused on the goals that are important to you.
My professional background is directly connected to my personal life. As a young teenager, I had a counselor who was tremendously helpful when my parents were divorcing. This spurred an interest in working with children and families, which I have done for 20 years. In addition, I have a decade of experience as a crisis clinician, helping to defuse, negotiate, and mediate highly intense situations. I’ve since continued my education to move into the burgeoning field of divorce coaching.
My client-centered approach means I’ll meet you at the point you are at now and listen carefully to support you in the ways that will be most useful to you. Whether you are looking to strengthen strained family relationships or handle a divorce with integrity, I will be your guide and advocate as you move through a difficult time to a happier life moving forward.
  • B.A. in Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies – Assumption College
  • Masters in Social Work – Columbia University
  • 40-Hour Mediation Certificate – University of Denver
  • CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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