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Communication strategies to help you move through conflict and crisis

We all struggle with communication at times. Despite our best intentions, we misspeak, mishear, misinterpret, & misunderstand, resulting in tension and disagreement. When life circumstances get tougher, friction increases & conflict grows.

Reset Coach Support can help you untangle messy communication patterns to open up greater understanding in your most important and consequential relationships, including:



Are you a parent struggling with your teen? Do you feel like you've tried everything to communicate and you feel like you're getting nowhere? Reset Coach Support offers practical, customized support to help you maintain your life and your dignity as you move through a confusing time.

Happy Couple


Do you ever feel like you are having the same arguments with your spouse over and over again? Many couples get "stuck" in destructive communication patterns and are at a loss on how to get out of them. As a communication coach, I work with couples/families to identify and shift those patterns, establishing a foundation for healthier communication going forward.

Happy Couple


Even if you’ve seen family or friends go through it, or you’ve already gone through the process yourself, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, and scared. Reset Coach Support offers practical, customized support to help you maintain your life and your dignity as you move through a confusing time.


Meet Melissa
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I’m a masters-level mental-health professional with certifications in mediation and divorce coaching. It is my mission to help you move past conflict and crisis with communication strategies that will guide and support you through whatever family difficulties you may be facing.
Some of my strengths include being a good listener, providing validation and support, having great organizational skills, and bringing a sense of humor and honesty to my interactions. I am dedicated to helping others create better lives, and you can count on me to help you define and keep you focused on the goals that are important to you.
My professional background is directly connected to my personal life. As a young teenager, I had a counselor who was tremendously helpful when my parents were divorcing. This spurred an interest in working with children and families, which I have done for 20 years. In addition, I have a decade of experience as a crisis clinician, helping to defuse, negotiate, and mediate highly intense situations. I’ve since continued my education to move into the burgeoning field of divorce coaching.
My client-centered approach means I’ll meet you at the point you are at now and listen carefully to support you in the ways that will be most useful to you. Whether you are looking to strengthen strained family relationships or handle a divorce with integrity, I will be your guide and advocate as you move through a difficult time to a happier life moving forward.
  • B.A. in Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies – Assumption College
  • Masters in Social Work – Columbia University
  • 40-Hour Mediation Certificate – University of Denver
  • CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

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As individuals, we constantly grow and change, which means our relationships do, too. Compliant children become combative teens. The excitement of a new love meets the mundane question of who’s going to do the household chores. Older parents become the ones in need of support. Spouses grow apart and marriages dissolve.

Using a focus-forward approach, Melissa Westerman will treat you with respect, empathy, and kindness as you work to reset your relationship.

Dad Lessons


  • Act as a mediator & defuse tension

  • Neutralize and recover from crisis moments

  • Help identify & change destructive communication patterns

  • Help you to HEAR each other & get your needs met

  • Work with you to grow together with mutual respect

  • Discover helpful reading materials and resources

  • Determine if therapeutic counseling would benefit you and/or your child/children/spouse

  • Provide you with concrete tools to establish positive & healthy communication patterns



Melissa will spend 30 minutes on the phone with you to discuss your situation, find out if she can be of service and determine if together you’re a good match. To make the best use of this free session, it’s useful for you to think about and jot down a few things ahead of time:

  • Your goals

  • Your expectations of the coaching sessions

  • Any relevant timeline issues (upcoming court dates, etc.)

125 per hr
Are you a parent struggling with your teen? Have you tried everything to communicate, and feel like you're getting nowhere? Reset Coach Support offers concrete tools and solutions to help improve communication patterns between you and your child. 

5 one-hour sessions at Melissa’s office or via phone or online meeting. Different from traditional marriage counseling, which often explores trauma and past hurts, this series of sessions focuses on finding solutions to practical issues that may stand in the way of marital success. It’s about changing habits, unhealthy behaviors, and/or frustrating communication patterns to rediscover the common ground that brought you together as a couple in the first place.​

550 | 5 hrs
Wondering if you can still work it out?

We’ll spend two contiguous hours working together in your home to assess and prioritize your immediate needs. After the session, Melissa will outline a customized plan with several specific action steps that you can take to help give you direction and a sense of control.

350 | 2 hrs

3 one-hour sessions at Melissa’s office or via phone or online meeting. Save $50 by paying for three regular one-hour sessions upfront. Each meeting will include an assessment of your progress, prioritization of your next steps, and help to identify upcoming imminent needs.

325 | 3 hrs

Phone, online meeting (Skype, etc.) or in-person at Melissa’s office - 125/hr

Want to work out and talk? Walk-and-Talk (centrally located park or similar location) - 135/hr

In-person at your home - 145/hr

1 hr minimum
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Relationship strife can bring up all kinds of not-so-pleasant feelings like sadness, loss, worry, fear, uncertainty, guilt, anger, confusion, hopelessness, thoughts of revenge, betrayal, blame, loneliness and grief. If you’ve felt any or all of the above, you are completely normal.

As you go through any life turmoil, here are some tips and advice that may help lead you toward a more balanced emotional life.
Tips & Advice


  • You’ll never regret taking the high road.
  • Exercise regularly, even if it’s just going for a daily walk. Physical movement produces feel-good endorphins and can provide mental clarity.
  • Remind yourself to think rationally, not emotionally.
  • Eat. Regularly and healthfully.
  • Your children look to you to learn how to behave. Be a role model you can be proud of.
  • Use your money wisely. Frivolous spending can provide short-term relief but can cause long-term damage to your finances.
  • Be kind to yourself. Get yourself small treats.
  • Resetting your relationships gives you a chance to reset your priorities.
  • If you are divorcing, put everything in writing. Create a paper trail when interacting with your ex.
  • Divorce also affects friends and family. Expect some fallout to occur.
  • Be careful when driving or using knives. Seriously. It’s hard to be fully present when big changes are happening in your life.

The high road leads to the top of the mountain.

"Melissa is a true professional. Her experience is palpable. Melissa provides support through a collaborative approach, instilling confidence in both the process and the knowledge that she shares. She delivers practical support, the kind clients can later apply sustainably in their own lives. Melissa is the kind of coach who would inspire you to make the changes you are looking for, while being a solid fellow traveler you can rely on."


- Monica, Age 40



Thank you for reaching out! We'll be in touch soon.

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