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Relationship strife can bring up all kinds of not-so-pleasant feelings like sadness, loss, worry, fear, uncertainty, guilt, anger, confusion, hopelessness, thoughts of revenge, betrayal, blame, loneliness and grief. If you’ve felt any or all of the above, you are completely normal.
As you go through any life turmoil, here are some tips and advice that may help lead you toward a more balanced emotional life.
  • You’ll never regret taking the high road.
  • Exercise regularly, even if it’s just going for a daily walk. Physical movement produces feel-good endorphins and can provide mental clarity.
  • Remind yourself to think rationally, not emotionally.
  • Eat. Regularly and healthfully.
  • Your children look to you to learn how to behave. Be a role model you can be proud of.
  • Use your money wisely. Frivolous spending can provide short-term relief but can cause long-term damage to your finances.
  • Be kind to yourself. Get yourself small treats.
  • Resetting your relationships gives you a chance to reset your priorities.
  • If you are divorcing, put everything in writing. Create a paper trail when interacting with your ex.
  • Divorce also affects friends and family. Expect some fallout to occur.
  • Be careful when driving or using knives. Seriously. It’s hard to be fully present when big changes are happening in your life.

The high road leads to the top of the mountain.

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