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Initial Discovery Session – FREE

30 minutes by phone
Melissa will spend 30 minutes on the phone with you to discuss your situation, find out if she can be of service and determine if together you’re a good match. To make the best use of this free session, it’s useful for you to think about and jot down a few things ahead of time:
  • Your goals
  • Your expectations of the coaching sessions
  • Any relevant timeline issues (upcoming court dates, etc.)

Reset Communication Coaching

Family Coaching - $125/hr

Wondering if you can still work it out?
Relationship Reset Coaching – $550

5 one-hour sessions at Melissa’s office or via phone or online meeting
Different from traditional marriage counseling, which often explores trauma and past hurts, this series of sessions focuses on finding solutions to practical issues that may stand in the way of marital success. It’s about changing habits, unhealthy behaviors and/or frustrating communication patterns to rediscover the common ground that brought you together as a couple in the first place.​

Reset Coach Support

The SOS Package - $350

Two hours in your home
We’ll spend two contiguous hours working together to assess and prioritize your immediate needs. After the session, Melissa will outline a customized plan with several specific action steps that you can take to help give you direction and a sense of control.

Stabilization Package – $325

3 one-hour sessions at Melissa’s office or via phone or online meeting
Save $50 by paying for three regular one-hour sessions up front. Each meeting will include an assessment of your progress, prioritization of your next steps and help identifying upcoming imminent needs.

Ongoing Hourly Rates (one hour minimum)

  • Phone, online meeting (Skype, etc.) or in-person at Melissa’s office – $125/hour
  • Want to work out and talk? Walk-and-Talk (centrally located park or similar location) – $135/hour
  • In-person at your home – $145/hour
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