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Why is therapy not working for my child?

Feeling stuck? Not seeing any progress in therapy? Still experiencing the same

conflicts over and over with your teen? Sometimes therapy is not always the answer to

helping your child, and that is okay. Asking teens to sit in front of a therapist and talk

about their feelings for an hour can seem impossible for your child. Generally, teens'

cognitive and emotional maturity is not developed enough at that point for them to

have the emotional awareness that can be achieved in adulthood. They can struggle to

understand the depth of their feelings and how it can link to their behavior. It can be

hard enough for adults to do this more or less as an adolescent. In many cases they

end up telling the therapist what they think they want to hear or simply not engaging.

Don’t worry, this is totally normal for children. Sometimes you will need to try many

avenues to fit your child’s needs. I have found over the many years of working with

teens that a coaching approach can be a better fit rather than asking them to define

their emotions and describe their feelings.

This is where I come in! I am a coach not a therapist. As a coach, my style is different,

it is direct and I work on building a relationship with your child before we step into

the emotional parts. I am a great listener, I provide validation and support, while

bringing a sense of humor and honesty to every coaching session. I can support your

child with an action plan to help them understand their feelings, behaviors and

navigate conflicts.

I have worked with teens for over 27 years and have specific tools and skills to

encourage engagement. I have extensive experience helping teens with depression,

anxiety, cutting, suicidal idealization and many other issues that arise during their

teenage years.

Coaching might be just what your child needs. At Reset Coach Support we are here to

help you and your child. Call me for a free 30 min intake and let's start to make a


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