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Struggling to Communicate with your Teen?

Are you feeling like you are getting nowhere with your teen? Are the communication strategies you are using not working? Would you like guidance and support when navigating conflict together? You are in the right place. Communication between parents and teenagers can be tough. It is my mission to help you move past conflict and diffuse tension with communication strategies that will guide and support you through whatever family difficulties you may be facing.

These days there are so many distractions that make communicating effectively a struggle: friends, phones, social media, athletics, at home school (to name a few). Despite our best intentions, we often misspeak, mishear, misinterpret, and misunderstand, resulting in tension and disagreement. You say one thing and your child hears something else. When life circumstances get tough, friction increases and conflict grows leaving everyone feeling hurt and defeated.

Parent’s, you have more in common with your teen than you may think. You both love each other. Both share stress, frustration, time pressures, social stress, disappointment, and fear of failure. It’s how you each deal with these feelings that can create a disconnection. The light at the end of the tunnel is that the common ground you share can be a foundation for constructively managing your conflict.

Reset Communication Coaching offers a neutral environment and concrete solutions to work through these times with compassionate, thoughtful, and practical support.

Services Offered: Family Coaching, Mediation between you and your Teen, individual coaching sessions, and Parenting groups can be helpful to address common issues such as:

Renegotiating boundaries

  • Smoothing out child-rearing styles to present a united front as parents.

  • Working through sibling conflict

  • Re-working unhealthy communication patterns.

  • Rebuilding trust

  • Addressing Behavioral Issues

The goal with each interaction is to help all involved feel heard, understood, and validated as shared family values are defined and reinforced to help everyone move through periods of conflict. Whether this is your first child or last, we will work together to untangle messy communication patterns and open up greater understanding between you and your teen. ​

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me here.

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