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I am scared to hurt my spouse, but I need to get out.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Are you wanting a divorce, but scared to hurt your spouse? Divorce is hard and it is a natural feeling to not want to hurt another person. I am here for you, from start to finish. help I will guide and support you every step of the way!

We go into marriage as a lifelong commitment, so when things fall apart, we are scared of what the future holds and the divorce process. Going through a divorce will affect not only you, but your spouse as well. Divorce can mean losing a meaningful relationship, and starting our life over. Dating is now back on the table, raising kids as a single parent, coparenting (to name a few) all of these things are racing through your head. We begin to think can I do this? Can I start over? Can I tell the person I have built this life with, that I want out? What will other people think? Not every divorce ends on bad terms and coming to grips with the end of the marriage can be hard and scary. We married this person for a reason and my times we have a connection to this person, a strong friendship. However, sometimes these things are not enough to build a long-lasting marriage.

Starting the conversation of divorce is hard, no one wants to hurt their friend, but sometimes we need out. As a divorce coach I will help be guide and support for you through this process. I will act as a mediator between you and your spouse. I will give you communication strategies to help diffuse tense situations. These strategies will help you talk to your spouse in a positive way. Hopefully, making the divorce process as easy and pain free as it can be. I will walk you through the big questions. I will help guide you to what is next for your future.

Don’t be scared. You can do this and I am here to help you! I can help you identify what the first steps need to be when starting the process. It is crucial that you have the proper guidance during the beginning stages of divorce as these initial decisions can have a substantial impact on you down the road. I want to help you make the divorce process and talking to your spouse less scary and hopefully end the relationship in a positive way. It is my goal for you to come away from your divorce feeling good about the decision you have made.

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