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Financial options? Can I get a divorce? What would MY life look like?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Divorce is scary, and I am here to help you navigate through this tough time in your life. I want to make this process less daunting by providing you with a friendly face, a listening ear, as well as expert guidance and support. I am here for YOU! It is my mission, as a divorce and communication coach, to help you move through conflict and crisis with communication strategies that can help navigate difficult conversations and defuse conflict that may arise with your soon to be ex. I will help you develop your divorce "team" with my network of trustworthy, reliable resources including lawyers, financial planners, mediators, family therapists and accountants. I am there to help you think rationally over emotionally, as it is very normal to let emotions cloud rational decision-making during divorce. For example, I do not want my X to ever get the house! It's totally understandable wanting to stay in your current home, but is that truly the best choice financially? Together we can go over all your options and make the best decisions for you and your family. . . I would love to sit down with you and have the conversation about what divorce could look like for you. However, during these uncertain times, video calls are the safest option. But no matter how we are able to meet, I will make sure every interaction in person or not will be worth your time. When we do have that conversation, no decision has to be made, but I will strive to give you honest answers as well as validation and support. Just having a conversation, with someone who has been through this themselves, about what life could look like during and after a divorce can provide much-needed clarity. I am here to give you the emotional support and practical guidance, working with you to make the best decisions possible. I would be honored be your guide and advocate as you move through this decision-making process and to a happier life moving forward. I know that is possible because I have done it myself.
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Janey Hawley
Janey Hawley
Jan 14, 2021

Great 1st blog!

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