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Reset Coach Support

It’s hard to be good at something you don’t do very often. Most of us have limited experience with our own divorce. Even if you’ve seen family or friends go through it, or you’ve already gone through the process yourself, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, confused and scared. Reset Divorce Coaching offers practical, customized support to help you maintain your life and your dignity as you move through a confusing time.
This could include things like:
  • Finding competent professionals ranging from lawyers to real-estate specialists to accountants to nannies
  • Honing your communication skills to make interactions with your ex more productive
  • Identifying and organizing documentation needed for legal matters
  • Developing parenting plans that are centered on your child’s/children’s needs and best interests
  • Creating personal goals and guidelines for yourself as you make this transition
  • Defusing crisis moments—both your own and those involving your ex
  • Evaluating your specific situation to determine what other assistance would help you move ahead

In short, Reset Coach Support will help you focus on the steps needed to move through your divorce in order to reach your final goals.